So I Was Having a Good Day, Right?


And then I went to a gym in the city center to ask about membership prices because I realize in order to keep losing weight I need to add more exercise to my routine. I hate running and my allergies make it hard for me to do a lot of outdoor activities although admittedly, the rain here is so frequent that it washes away a lot of the pollen, but then, it’s raining frequently so that also tends to make me avoid outside activities.

Anyway, the well intentioned 20-something at the desk told me the membership was for a year and then afterwards it could be ended at any time, but they ask you to pay for at least a year.
This is a problem, given that we’re moving abroad in 6 months (how weird is it that America is now “abroad” for me?).

I told her I was moving in December with my husband and baby and she said that that was an exception and I could end my contract by showing the manager some sort of proof I’m moving.
Then she asked when I was due to have the baby.
And I was all

So she backpedaled and asked if I had it a few days ago.

To which I was all

And then I did what I think most people would do.

I lied and said I had him a month ago and then got my fat ass right out of there before the embarrassment caused me to internally combust.

Now I’m torn between joining so I can shed 30 more pounds more expediently or just turning off all the lights and balling myself up in the most convenient corner.


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