Calliope – Your humble blogger. A wallflower with a wild streak, an atheist with a Buddhist streak, high-strung with a mellow streak…a generally streaky individual. A lover of music, art, literature, most animals and usually my husband.

Piet – The yin to my yang. Or the yang to my yin… whichever one is the practical, logical, intelligent, grounded half of the swirly. The reason that I found myself living in Belgium, learning Dutch, and magically knowing where everything is in the room when I’m not even in it (both of us couldn’t be the absent minded one, so I converted).



Tay – Our son, born in 2011. You can find his birth story here.







Rex – Our 5 year old tuxedo tom. An international cat of mystery, Rex eventually accompanied me to Belgium after a few months staying with my parents. It took him some time to adjust, but eventually he got used to his new home. And after even longer he got used to and grudgingly accepted the new alpha male. Most definitely the smarter of our two cats, Rex is notorious for opening all of our dresser drawers while we sleep and also for throwing Rain Man-esque fits when we try to replace his ratty old yin-yang color with a new one.

Luna – The 3 year old cuddle machine. We adopted Luna here in Belgium when she was about 6 weeks old. She ended up being everything Rex isn’t. Super affectionate, trusting, loving and a savant when it comes to playing fetch, a loud mouthed little beggar and treat thief. She’s also probably the sweetest, cutest cat I’ve ever met. Her favorite evening nap location is Piet’s lap and he rarely, if ever seems to mind that.

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