I’m Here


…doing the same thing I do every day, only now it’s cold and I have a sore throat so I prefer to be curled up in bed under a blanket instead of freezing my fingers at the computer.

Oh, yeah and last week Belgium “flooded.”

Three people died, though I’m still not sure how because in the footage on the news the water was knee high at its worst. And I’m not trying to downplay the deaths, really.

It’s just that when Belgium has the “worst” of any kind of weather in decades, it’s always still so much less than what other places tend to get on a more frequent basis. You know, like that 3 inches of snow last winter that shut down all the major highways for an entire day or that insanely cold freezing spell of 25°F…oh the humanity!!

I’m wondering if we ever move back to Pittsburgh, will Piet find the wild climate of Pennsylvania too harsh to tolerate? I guess that’s as good excuse as any to move to Hawaii, right?


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  1. yeah we’re a flat country so floodings are usually not that high as the water spreads out far into many different houses. The vastness of these floodings is that 50 out of 65 districts were impacted, so it was basically all rivers that have flooded all over the country. That’s quite unusual. I can’t recall it having happened like that before.

    The 4 people that died were several that couldn’t distinguish the road, the edge of the road and the river through the water anymore and basically drove their car into the river, got stuck, tried to get out and were swept in the current. One of them were “disaster tourists” deliberately going to the edge of a river to check it out. One lady fell and couldn’t get up anymore.

    But yeah….I was thinking the same when seeing the footage: houses with a foot high water inside. It doesn’t look like a national disaster. But I’d be devastated if it were my house to see all my appliances and furniture (and electric circuits) ruined.

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